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2024 Season - Our 58th Year !

Updated on Sunday, July 14, 2024 4:47 PM

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   WEEK #9 - July 20th - 6 SCHEDULED MATCHES

  • Moraga at Castlewood
  • Marin at Meadow Club
  • La Rinconada at San Jose
  • Saratoga at Los Altos
  • Sequoyah at Green Hills
  • Olympic at Crow Canyon

   WEEK #8 - July 13th - SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)

   WEEK #7 - July 6th - SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)

   WEEK #6 - June 29th SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)

    WEEK #5 - June 22nd SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)

      WEEK #4 - June 15th SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)

      WEEK #3 - June 8th - SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)

       WEEK #2 - June 1st - SCORES (click on a match to review that scoresheet)       

        WEEK #1 - May 25th - SCORE(click on the match to review that scoresheet)

  Hi BCL Coaches:

    The 2024 BCL schedule  (click) is online. This season runs from May 25th - August 11th (including the playoffs). Coaches should begin communicating with their teams and pro-shops about the upcoming BCL season and schedule. Order your team shirts as soon as possible so you will have them for the start of the season. Here are some of the key facts for the season: 

  Key Facts: 

  19 teams competing in BCL this summer. 

  Four divisions, three with 5 teams each and one with 4 teams 

  6 Regular Season Matches From May 25th - July 27th (3 home and 3 away) 

  8 Teams Make the Playoffs 

  Quarterfinals (August 3th) - Eight teams qualify for the Quarterfinals. 

  Semifinals (August 4th) - Four Teams - Winners of Quarterfinal Matches 

  Championship Weekend (August 10-12) - Two Teams - Winners of Semifinal Matches

 Arranging Matches: 

   The Host coach for each match should reach out to the Visiting coach on Monday the week of the match to let them know what time to arrive for their Saturday match and get an estimate of the number of players and coaches the visiting team will be bringing to the match. Discuss any special dress code (i.e. long pants) or other logistics. 

   Coach Contacts were previously included in the my email sent to each team's Coach. Email me if you didn't get it. It will not be posted on the BCL website for security/privacy reasons. 

  Host team to provide lunch for all players and coaches. If the Visiting coach has not heard from the head coach by EOD on Tuesday the week of the match, the Visiting coach should reach out directly to the Host coach to facilitate coordination. Host coach/team is responsible for preparing score cards and scoring at the end of the match. 

   Responsibility for  Reporting  Match Scores

  The winner of the match should scan a copy of the scoresheet to me at ( and Glynn Falcon at ( no later than Sunday after each match (unless other arrangements are made between the coaches). Glynn will post the scoresheet and keep track of the divisional standings on our website at ( 

   Playoff Eligibility: 

   The winner of each division based on W-L record for all six regular season matches will automatically qualify for the playoffs (tiebreaker is based on highest average points during the six regular season matches) 

   The remaining four playoff spots will be chosen based on overall W-L record out of all the remaining teams in the league (tiebreaker based on highest average points during the six regular season matches. 

   Playoff seeding will be based on overall W-L record for all six regular season matches for all teams that qualify for the playoffs. (tiebreaker based on average points per match scored in regular season matches). 

   Championship weekend - The team with the best W-L record during the regular season that qualifies for Championship weekend will chose to play first 18 hole match either home or away. 

   BCL Logo Balls and Shirts: 

  8 dozen BCL logo balls have been sent to your club before the start of the season and addressed to the BCL head coach that each Club listed with their deliverables.

    Coaches Meeting

  While we had hoped to hold a pre-season BCL coaches kick off meeting this year, we did not move fast enough to secure a venue so we were not be able to pull it off this year. We will commit to hosing a coaches meeting for the 2025 BCL season and will start the planning for the event much earlier. 

  Good luck to all of the BCLJG clubs this summer! Any new rules or other information that needs to be shared with the coaches, they will be communicated at that time. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Best Regards, 

Mark Briggs 

BCL President 

(415) 828-8210

             Play well, have fun! 

         Bay Cities League was formed on April 5, 1967 by founders Captain Ed Chester, USCG Retired, Castlewood CC; William I. Clark, San Jose C. C ; Hal Rosenberg, Green Hills C.C.; Lloyd DeMartini, Green Hills CC; and Bill Fisher, Santa Rosa C.C.   It is a California non-profit corporation.

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